Phantosys is dedicated to develop and deliver innovative software solutions for network client management. The name Phantosys is derived from “Advanced Research Group”, which highlights its focus on client-based technology that deliver operating system and applications programs, serving thousands of clients worldwide.
Thin client system:
It has been known to be reliable and has dominated the IT scene for the past 10 years. However, this technology has reached it ceiling limitation especially in newer resources-demanding operating systems and application programs. As PC becomes increasingly powerful at lower cost, end user would demand for more user friendly and graphic intensive programs in all sectors including schools, cybercafe, banking, corporate, and enterprises. Due to bandwidth and server loading constraint, thin client system could no longer satisfy customer needs today. It requires substantial cost to upgrade existing hardware and software to meet users’ needs, which is a serious concern in this modern age of decreasing IT expenses.

Standalone PC system:
Standalone PC based system utilizes full computing power of each PC, but maintaining a farm of standalone PC would require a lot of effort and resources. Common PC problems such as virus attack, HDD damage, updating program patches are draining the time of IT helpdesk. Information leakage and data security is also a major concern for enterprises today. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is always a challenge for IT personnel and managers in such environment.

Phantosys provides solutions to manage network clients without degrading computing power and sacrificing data security - a solution from the best of both worlds!

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