Classrooms computing

A classroom is a seat-concentrated PC farm that requires:

  • on-going system operation maintainable by the teacher and students without IT support intervention during a class session;
  • computing environment confined to course relevance;
  • fast automatic switching of computing environment among different class sessions;
  • high cost-performance ratio

    Phantosys allows you to do it.

  • The Phantosys has a vdisk of base OS+AP, from which multiple vdisks are derived with each hosting the installation of a unique courseware, numbered from 1 to n.
  • Each courseware comes for each client PC. A client PC will boot up with base OS+AP and the single courseware specified booting node, nothing more.
  • Confined computing environment ensures top PC performance and keeps students off temptations to go astray for irrelevant stuffs.
  • A new session starts in a program scheduling that will designate booting to the specified courseware, automatically.