service/call center

A service center is a seat-concentrated PC farm focused on maximized
utilization of the farm by requiring:

  • on-going system operation easily maintainable by the service consultant with little IT support;
  • computing environment confined to consultancy relevance;
  • instant automatic switching of computing environment among consultancy sessions;

Phantosys allows you to do it.

Departments have  PCs dispersed in each of the dept. requiring:
  • Almost maintenance-free, OS+APs with no need of IT support – ensuring highest efficient ;
  • computing environment geared toward each client’s difference (not only OS+AP but also Skype, MSN, printer etc.) ;
  • lcentrally controlled automatic switching of computing environment what the station wanted;
  • Dept. or group control, illegal AP installed is impossible
  • Input/Output ports of each client can be locked---no data leakage is possible