Network Control function

Inner and outer network control (virtual multi network cards design)
Phantosys provides network group design, even same clients may have different IP group for network control .At this moment specific clients may apply LAN only. Once clients get authority, they may use another network group for Internet. Depended on how server manage the clients

Maximum 4 IP groups in a server

Providing DHCP server and QOS function
Phantosys provide simple DHCP server function to dispatch fixed IP to each client if there is no DHCP server in LAN environment

Phantosys offer QOS control capability and client status setting to each client


  • Blocking any I/O of each client to prevent data leakage from any clientManage or control client network status—specific in military, defense dept or high tech. enterprise. Extra physical NICs is no needed
  • Limit network flow of each client if necessary
  • set necessary control parameters for each client