Administration tasks Phantosys
Benefits Features
Hardware purchase No extra hardware investment required Using popularly built-in PXE technology
Software purchase Current software (OS and AP) usable Same operation mode for users and IT supporting team in terms of software installation and use
System conversion Painless migration – no learning curve
Software installation & deployment One installation and many replications without on-site visit or disk distribution Centrally managed user environment (OS + AP)
User environment authorization Flexible user environment authorization that takes immediately effect
Group management
Software license management Highly reduces over-licensing Centrally managed user environment (OS + AP)
Recovery from system failures/errors Low hardware failure rate Disk or Diskless operation is available
Eliminated user-caused system errors
Recovery from contaminated user environment Instantly eliminated user idle time Configurable support- or user-initiated system recovery
Meet user demand for computing power Provisioning adequate power for user needs Uncompromised full functionality of PC
Just-adequate user environment delivery
Cut IT investments in hardware upgrade Extended workstation life
Cost-conscious IT provisioning Lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership/Operation) All of the above