Case1-Foxconn, Inc.

Phase 1: Longhwa Park, Shenzhen

Client PC users have option of accessing dual OS (Windows 2000 and XP) in multi-language platforms, with office tools, large-scale design software running smoothly. Of OA large-scale tools are Office 2003, Lotus, Oracle Client 9i, SAP for GUI, etc. Of RD design tools are AutoCad 2004, Pro/E, UG, 3dMAX, etc. Of software development tools are VS.Net, MSDN, JBuiler 9, JDK,   J2EE, etc.
Unique system-level blocking of USB, COM, IDE ports is integrated with Domain and NAS central storage management to ensure unprecedented level of data security for achievement of near perfect enterprise data security and confidentiality.

Phase 2: Nanjing Software Park projects and communication company projects

Phantosys assisted FoxConn Communication’s Test Team in implementation of the configuration and merge of multiple computing environment, in order to rapidly deliver test environments of varieties of versions and languages for computers and servers. Doing this vastly cut down test time, enhanced performance, as well as reduced cost of system administration. Collaboration between the developers and testers is simplified while enhanced. Speed configuration and delivery of multiple complex and changing test environment shortens problem discovery cycle, which greatly boosted product quality and stability.